Week 9-10

Week 9 and 10 were mostly putting our time management skills at test since we had to do submit all of our final assignments by week 11.

Therefore, in these weeks we learned our final pieces of information we needed to finish our work.

APS was about finishing BMC certification and learning more about Bloomberg organisation itself.

Marketing teacher talked to us about STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) analysis and 7P marketing mix.

Strategy teacher gave us Ansoff and BCG matrixes on top of our previous tools.

Which we had to apply in our Strategy report (3500 words) and Marketing plan (2500 words)

On top of that, we had to finish cumulative report for APS as well.

Despite planning everything in advance I managed to finish everything only on last day. Because I haven’t studied for almost 5 years, and spend that time working I forgot about small details that are very important when doing assignments. For example doing part right away is faster option rather not doing a rough sketch of the whole report and then returning back to finish it.


At the start, I had doubts about usefulness of this blog. However, I can already see that even though only 10 weeks passed I do not remember many things from the first weeks as clearly as they were, even though it seemed that they have crystallised in my mind forever. So it seems this blog will serve me will in the future. Once everything has been done and dusted.


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