Week 7-8

Week 7 included APS presentation on our Bloomberg trading game.
Despite being the first MBA group to give presentation in a room full of mostly unknown people our group set a high standard for the rest to follow.

All of us memorized our text and showed good presentation skills. This was especially evident in other groups as some of the people read their lines from paper, which disturbed the flow of their presentations.

My own presentation skills have also improved over these 7 weeks of studying. As a number of presentations increases so increases my confidence in these presentations.


Week 8 was a simulation week.

All other classes were cancelled and whole Friday was dedicated to organisation simulation.

Which was an interesting exercise.

At start everyone was allocated to their own table. MBAs from various courses participated in simulation. Each table meant specific department within organisation.


I was appointed to project development team which was ironic, since I wanted to understand how this department works. Because at my previous work i was working under “orders” of project development team. This time i was the one giving orders out to operations side.

Structure was as below:

Sales–>Project development–>Operations–>Department responsible for paper work.


The task was to create various gift cards for various events (Christmas, Easter and etc.)

Cycle was as below:

Sales had to ask clients what type of cards they wanted.

We (project development team) had to create design or template for cards.

Which we gave to operations department and they would make 10 or more of them, depending on the request.

After that they would give them to paper work department

after paper work was done they would give it to clients and receive money.


There were 3 cycles in total.

From chaos to order.

At first, no one understood what was going on and how to do their job but on the 3rd cycle almost everything was set it order.


So overall it was a good experience and allowed to learn not only about how various departments work but about organisational problems at the start, when procedures cycle hasn’t been ironed out.


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