First two weeks


This blog is a part of an assignment for the APS course and will be updated once every 2 weeks until the end of the course.

Topic of this week assignment is to write what I have learned over the past 2 weeks.


First week consisted of Induction classes.

Induction courses were mostly about how important it is to work in multicultural environment with globalization and internet inevitably making every human being closer.

It seems these courses did not help much because despite the courses and recommendations by all teachers to work with people from different cultures. Most of the people continued to interact within the familiar boundaries and in their own pre set groups.


First week of actual courses consisted of 3 subjects: APS, Marketing and Strategy and implementation classes.

On APS we were introduced to the Bloomberg terminals. Introduction to Bloomberg terminals was a pleasant surprise because I did not know that we would get a chance to use them over the course. For me it was interesting because previously I have had some experience in trading on my own and if I will have a desire to continue with the trading at some point, these terminals will come in handy.

Marketing and Strategy were mostly introduction classes but they dug dip into my own memory to remind me of the SWOT and marketing 4P analysis that I thought were forgotten long ago.



Overall, all of the classes were interesting but interaction with various new people from different countries was the most interesting learning experience of the past 2 weeks as it altered my perception on the world more than any book knowledge.






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